Don't just survive...THRIVE

There are dozens of conditions that may benefit from the treatments we provide, from Anti-Aging and General use to treatment for specific ageing related conditions, learn more about them here.

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Improve naturally

From no surgery face lifts to natural breast augmentation using your own body fat, stem cell treatments are revolutionising and improving cosmetic procedures. Spoil yourself, you deserve this.

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Future Proof Your Health

Stem cell research continues at a breathtaking pace, our body doesn’t produce viable fat stem cells at the same rate forever. Now is the time to have yours collected and stored MARC, Asia’s Stem Cell Bank.

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World Class Care

Providing such cutting edge treatment needs access to the best operating rooms, clinical facilities and labs, the Centuria Medical Center in Makati was an easy choice for us to make, learn why here.

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MARC stem cell clinic Manila offers the most natural breast augmentation…

The whole procedure of the stem cell breast augmentation and aftercare are significantly gentler than with prosthetic implants. The liposuction and injection sites heal within a few days. You can go home directly after the procedure and it’s not necessary to spend a night in a hospital.

Breasts augmented by the body’s own stem cells behave just like a natural breast, which means that they look natural in every position and even in motion.

In addition this method doesn’t leave any permanent scars.

Talk to us at MARC stem cell clinic Manila about your breast enhancement options using your own fat stem cells.

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We know that most people considering the procedures we offer have questions, it’s natural with any new advancement or procedure. We are passionate about what we do and we will take your questions seriously and answer them to your satisfaction. We love discussing what we do so don’t be shy to contact MARC stem cell clinic Manila.

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